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 Temple Of Lies  'The Serial Killer Suite'     Release 1st   July via Attic Records           

The Serial Killer Suite by Temple of Lies explodes with a heavy tonal vibrancy right from the start, immediately showcasing both the tight and rhythm heavy sound of the band as well as the impressive vocals of lead singer Si Shaw in "Epic Doom." The aforementioned opening track lets the listener know right away that they're in for a heavy and even somewhat theatrical ride, with a particularly exciting enthusiasm from the vocals. The track finishes with daunting laughter in the background. A very interesting start to an album, indeed.

The Serial Killer Suite then naturally moves into its distinct metal and Stoner Rock roots, with “Illusion of Choice.” On this track we begin to see what definitely turns out to be a penchant for profundity from the lyricist, urging the listener to consider the choice of their fate with lines like “Separate the heathen from yourself” and “Every temple is a temple of lies.” Overall the album's sound is incredibly together in the rhythm section, with a higher energy than the casual listener might expect from a band with Stoner Rock influences. Throughout the course of the album Temple of Lies keeps a complimentary flow going between slamming beats from the drums and bass and bouncing grooves from the guitar, entertaining the listener with its heavy and precise rhythm section and growling vocals. There's almost a Nu Metal vibe that creeps in on tracks like "Modus Operandi" and “Nihilist Dreams,” which add to the definition of the sound, keeping the album from becoming too repetitive.  

All that being said I admit that I would have enjoyed hearing a bit more solo work from the fiery Jon Scranney like the fresh, but quick, set of licks he lays out in the middle of "Broken Mind." There seems to be a distinct lack of expanding lead guitar work present on the album, which is a disappointment even if only because the few lead riffs we do get to hear are so well done. It could easily be said, of course, that having one guitarist causes them to lean on the rhythm section but Scranney makes up with his lack of lead with a firm basis of heavy hitting grooves in the uptempo tracks and sludgy “Doomish” riffs in the downtempo tracks.

The vocals, while excellently executed, are just a tad unevenly mixed in some parts, sirening over the music in a way that comes off as a bit cutting to the tone at times. Perhaps this is an issue of personal taste, but it does feel like the overall sound of some tracks could benefit from a slight mixing down of the vocals, or perhaps a beefing up of the guitar tone. I would say that the somewhat off nature of the mix is one of the larger issues for me, but I don't think it will keep listeners from appreciating Shaw's vocal talents or the talents of the rest of the band by any means.

One final complaint would be that the influence of earlier metal bands such as Metallica are easily detectable in the band's music, giving them a somewhat dated sound in some nooks and crannies of the album. However, tracks such as “I Cut You Bleed,” bring back that feeling of what would seem to be a much more nu metal, sort of korn influenced sound to the album. Tracks like this balance out the moments that come across with a more classic metal sound. Fortunately for both the band and the listener, the album has a modern consistency and a thumping sound that should appease younger musical pallets. Temple of Lies really seems to be working as a unit on this album, with a diverse array of sub-genre influences expertly peppered throughout songs without a note out of place. There are distinct hints of Thrash in some parts, as well as grunge which easily compliments the Stoner Rock vibe rooted in the core of the sound. This versatility also helps to keep repetition out of the viewers ear, to favorable effect.

I'd have to say my favorite tracks are “Sleep” and the closing track “Nihilist Dreams” for showcasing the sometimes under flaunted lead guitar ability of Jon Scranney and the level of writing on the lyrics. There's a touch of concern for the moral quandaries posed in the songs that is emphasized with Shaw's theatrical and empathetic tone of voice. Overall the album does have a somewhat dated tone and a mix that leaves something to be desired, but makes up for what few shortcomings it has with an ample amount of raw energy, forceful musicianship, interesting lyricism, and a whole lot of tight, well orchestrated chest pounding metal. The Serial Killer Suite is a fun listen, sure to please anyone looking for a tight hard rock sound with a nice edge and profound lyrics, and it stands as a solid Junior effort for Temple of Lies.

Rating: 7/10

Favorite Track: “Sleep”

While The Serial Killer Suite isn't going to change your life, it is a solid album with an eclectic sub-genre mix. I found myself listening to it repeatedly, despite the few faults I was able to find in it. Its appeal naturally shines through when you catch yourself nodding your head to a chunky groove.

- Mark H. Simmons II

Adulruna Records
Release Date: 31st March 2017

Aktaion - Cancer - New Single - Independent - Future PR - Release Date: 17th February 2017

Aktaion  Halmstad, Sweden.


Genre: Melodic Death Metal

“Aktaion sprung to life in 2015 with the release of their debut album Throne, the result of long-time collaborations between the members going back to 2010. The positive reception which came from reviewers and new fans led to the initiative to take Aktaion beyond its hold up in Halmstad, Sweden. Quite eager to release new material, Aktaion went into writing mode right away. Plans to record a shorter E.P in time grew into a full-length of eleven songs under the title The Parade of Nature!

After recording the second album Aktaion went out to tour the northern parts of Europe. In April, Aktaion travelled south and visited east Europe and the Balkans as part of the 'Blood Mantra Balkan Tour 2016' with Krysthla, Thy Disease, Hate and the legendary Decapitated. During the two-week tour, Aktaion visited and played a total of 13 cities in 9 countries, taking their own variation of Swedish melodic death metal with them. After the release of The Parade of Nature the band focused on writing new material and with the release of the new single 'Cancer', works are well underway for the next release, Aktaion is moving in a new and unexplored direction!”


This track sounds far too perfect to be named after something so imperfect. The damming riffs are just colossal as the drum beats contagious. It rips into a throaty rasp from a clean vocal and literally sends goosebumps up my arms and down my spine. They are very poignant words When the Cancer comes for you It is a very potent track that showcases the bands talents superbly.

Pagan Hel Reviews..: Aktaion - Cancer - New Single - Independent - Future PR - Release Date: 17th February 2017

It’s clever that the band are not actually singing about Cancer, as we know it, but war, at least that’s what I get from the video and we all know that war is another form cancer as it destroys lives just as the cancerous disease does.

The video is very revealing and cements the band’s sound, creating a drama that incorporates Cancer as being a fight, which it is and cleverly executed by pictures and words that make the listener think.

Tenacious through the spiralling melodic fusions it develops its own character and embraces the provocative and toxic outcome that is thrust into the limelight.

A really gut-wrenching video!


Jonas Snäckmark - Vocals
Francis Larsson - Guitars
Axel Croné - Bass
Jonatan Ney - Guitars & Vocals
Oskar Johnsen Rydh - Live drums

Woodscream –St Petersburg Russia


Produced by Alexander Klimov.
Cover art and booklet design by Mayhem Project. Out now!

Genre: Folk Metal
Woodscream is probably the most outstanding band on the metal scene of Saint Petersburg (Russia). Band`s music presents a tuneful union of different styles of contemporary metal, incorporating different elements of European folk traditions and gloomy atmosphere of medieval legends, which are the solid basis ofWoodscream lyrics. The band has already recorded 3 singles and mini-album «Pentadrama», which gained loads of favourable reports from listeners and critics from all over the world. Now the band releases their full-length album which is called «Octastorium» via Adulruna Records, Sweden. Woodscream distances itself from politics and religion!”


The name Woodscream conjures up various images but one, in particular, is a gathering around a fire and hearing the wood literally scream as it is being burned, although it is not to paint a vivid horrific picture but just what the name conjures up in my head. It also says ‘nature’ in the most basic form.

Алан is a real foot tapper although no idea why they called it Alan. I am so glad the band are singing in Russian because it is a beautiful language despite being guttural in sound it really propels the track to great heights. Inflamed with monumental groove and on target harmonies, it reveals itself as both folk and metal orientated and a great track to boot!
Suvi (Slough) why anyone would want to sing about Slough I have no idea but this track is glazed with very favourable vocals – yes the deep grunting kind that is very, unexpected on a folk metal album, however, it is most welcome and very unusual. It makes me want to learn Russian so I can sing along! I can, however, grunt so all is not lost!

Ilxtup cgwi (King of the Forest) I am glad there was a translation for this as I wouldn’t have a clue what it meant otherwise. It is an embracing track that catapults an unreserved rhythm straight through your soul. Valentina’s vocals are clean, crisp and haunting.

An Dro has no translation so will just have to use your imagination and see what the track throws out! So far it has pumped out a bouncing rhythm that is moreish and beautiful. It is a track you can’t help but want to move your whole body too. When the vocals kick in it slows its tempo slightly but still, holds a great temperament and once again back to the Michael Flatley foot tapping extravaganza.

Kuigri (Blacksmith) is a very twisting and winding road of growling maniacal vocals to a superb recorder that enhances the track. It gathers quick momentum and intoxicates with a rapid breath. The clean angry vocals introduce themselves and then the growling adventure begins – just loving this to bits! Favourite track by far, but they are all superb!

Cuwut (Raven) bristles with a haunting malevolent feel and quickly brews its own storm. It holds a hungry rumble in its belly and a fire in its heart as it drives a fierce rhythm that underlies a heartfelt vocal from Valentina.

Hui (Call) is a magnificent romp that is fast and delirious with plenty of swift absorbing textures that one can enjoy along with a great chorus and growling tirade to a full-on blend of metal and folk that is highly engaging. This will need a repeat or six!!!!

Witness of J this track really transports the past to present as it gathers its melodic speed and makes haste with its groove. It is just so hard to keep still when listening to this believe me – I have tried and find myself rocking from side to side as I get caught up in its compelling rhythms.

The idea of using female clean vocals and growls and screams within a folk/metal band is an absolute genius! It more than works, it works magnificently and really adds a certain clarity to the tracks and makes them very unusual indeed!

Definitely worth checking out!


Track List:
Алан (Alan)
Suvi (Slough)
Llxtup cgwi (King of the Forest)
An Dro
Kuigri (Blacksmith)
Cuwut (Raven)
Hui (Call)
Witness of J

Valentina Tsyganova – Vocals & Recorder
Alexander Klimov – Guitar & Screams
Ivan Budkin – Bass & Growls
Pavel Malyshev – Drums

Lunatic Hooker
Embracing the Filth
Black Bow Records
Imperative PR
Release Date: 17th April 2017

Lunatic Hooker – South West London, UK


Genre: Grind Core/Death Metal/Sludge

“UK purveyors of HM-2 powered Grindcore meets southern-fried sludge!”


Have you ever been run over by a runaway train? Have you ever had a close shave with a pneumatic drill? Have you ever been underneath a lump of concrete as it fell 3000 feet? No, well buckle up because this album is going to feel like you have experienced all three in rapid succession, and that’s just the first track “My God is bigger than yours” Moving on to “Beard Feared” something my mother feared but not me, the hairier the better in my opinion. The track is not to be feared either although it is a very messy romp with a naturally big appetite and equal attitude. ”The Pen is Mightier than the Sword” I suppose it is if you poke someone in the eye with it! However, this track will take the enamel off your teeth and skin you alive. The flaring compelling sound washes over the audial and sucks the life from you with ardent steps of thunderous metal. “Unearthed Dead Children” Holds a fuzzy groove that penetrates on all levels and scathes the ears with a bruising. It gnarliness is prevalent and menacingly flirts with its listeners. “Embracing the Filth” is an outstanding track that happens to be the title of the band’s album. The plentiful gurgles splurge out and swamp the audial with maniacal ferocity.  “Blood Eagle” the sampled male melancholic voice sounds like he is telling a bedtime story when in fact it isn’t pleasant at all as he goes into gory details. The music kicks in and fires up with bubbling imagination that rips through the flesh like a well-sharpened knife! “Fucks all” the rambunctious slurry of rhythmic beats call out in monotone splendour and devour with persistent gnawing teeth. One definitely, emotionally charged track. “Cult Chaos” grows with increasing menace and malice and challenges the listener to a duel of sorts, with the ears battling to listen to make sense of their surroundings and the music forcing its forthright compelling cruelty on them. “Transformation Walrus” with contrast equal to contagion this track produces a scathing vocal slurry that swamps like black treacle, it’s messy and grumbles with ever increasing magnitude. “See the Light” I think it is a given that this album won’t win any awards for being pink, fluffy and sweet but it may well win awards for its fearsome and cataclysmic spin on society. The ravenous grooves are powerful and delicious. The speed is ever so exciting at which it is played and encompasses the soul. “Spain in the Neck” a great title indeed, simply bounces from the speaker units and does battle as it smoulders with malicious intent to attempt to eat the cerebral cortex with its fantastic array of rhythms and grizzly vocal extravaganza. “Sarlac” resorts back to a sampled voice that suggests that the person is not going to last very long. It is a slower tempo track holding a lot of ambience and dark soul that feeds with its own devilish accompaniment.

Once sampling this grizzly adventurous album of grindcore, death metal and sludge I guarantee you will never be the same again! It is a powerful album from start to finish with dark corners that the listener will find themselves wanting to explore no matter what the consequence and as a result will find themselves at the heart of chaotic temptation!


My God Is Bigger than Yours
Beard Feared
The Pen Is Mightier than the Sword
Unearthed Dead Children
Embracing the Filth
Blood Eagle
Fucks All
Cult Chaos
Transformation Walrus
See the Light
Spain in the Neck

My God Is Bigger than Yours
Beard Feared
The Pen Is Mightier than the Sword
Unearthed Dead Children
Embracing the Filth
Blood Eagle
Fucks All
Cult Chaos
Transformation Walrus
See the Light
Spain in the Neck

George - Vocals
Duncan - Vocals & Bass
Ross - Guitars
Kaz - Guitars
Rafa - Drums

Death Blooms
Death Blooms
Self-released 4 Track E.P
Stampede PR
Release Date: 12th May 2017

Death Blooms – Liverpool/Manchester


Recorded at Red City Recordings, Manchester by producer and mix engineer David Radahd-Jones

Genre: Alternative Metal

“Death Blooms are a new alternative metal quartet from Manchester and Liverpool. Armed with confidence, plenty of skills, social awareness and angst bubbling under the surface, their sound is both frenetic and infectious; seamlessly combining hardcore vocals with bullet-proof guitar riffs, bouncing grooves and oozing an abundance of modern melodic audio sonics.

The group's four track debut EP is short, sharp, pointy and for modern metal fans, probably one of the best things to be released by an underground band in 2017!”


There are a few meaty track titles on this little E.P for sure, and the genre disturbs me as this is not the alternative metal I know and hear, this is nu-metal - the kind that rips your intestines out by riff alone. The word ‘Alternative’ is far too lame a word to be attached to a band of this calibre and perhaps needs re-thinking.

I love the vocal screams and the whispers that accompany it along with a brutal rhythm it just savages the ears like a rabid dog chewing on a bone! The term ‘sic’ can be likened to a band like this, but obviously in a very good way. They know just how much melodic rhythm and harsh tones to make the mix perfect!

It is a moreish legion of musicians who know the direction in which to travel *naturally and will sweep anyone aside who doesn’t believe so. ‘Hate Die’ musters up some cruel and harsh beats that really get under the skin and infects with a rabid appetite.

‘Last Ones’ just as vile as the previous track runs away with itself and thrusts the listener into a void of manic grooves! More clean vocals on this track but it’s not to say it doesn’t hold its own as it develops its character and a tenacious rhythm that explodes like a volatile volcano!

‘I’m dead’ can be likened to a musical battleground as it pulverises everything in its wake, with powerful riffs and deadly drum beats. Your ears need to be lead lined so as not to bleed at the ferocity that has been summoned on this track! Outstanding!

‘Sick’ ignites without the match, as I mentioned at the beginning of this review everything seems to come *naturally with Death Blooms– there doesn’t seem like any effort is attached and that is not to say there isn’t it just means that the band can produce a natural sound like we do breathing, it is a natural thing that occurs when four like-minded musicians get together. It is very appealing indeed!

This band will continue to thrive if it is allowed to ‘bloom’ the way it is progressing – and I certainly hope so as we need more of this musical aggression and less aggression towards each other.

Also emotionally charged it just wreaks havoc and is so easy to like – it may be harsh but it also includes a very melodic core that is energetically arousing and will keep you on your toes for a long time to come!

In the words of Oliver Twist – “Please Sir, Can I have some more!”


Hate Die
Last Ones
I’m dead

Paul Barrow - Vocals
Ad Lucas - Guitar
Ben Grimsley - Bass
Mel Stewart - Drums

New Single
PYAR Records
Release Date: 6th October 2016

Furian – Bradford/Liverpool


Listen here:

Genre: Hard Rock/Post Hard Core

(Photo courtesy of Paul Fessey)

Furian are a hybrid of all that they believe is good in music and with diverse vocal, drums and guitar work that ranges from roaring to heart-wrenching, Furian deliver a sound like no other to seize the listener. Don't take their word for it though! Go and listen to the music!


With Furian what you get is a bit of everything and is quite deceptive! For the single ‘Circles’ dispatches a calming but aggressive influence that is extremely hard to ignore.

The band have an eclectic taste in music from Led Zeppelin to the Foo Fighters which is probably why they are so hybrid, but it certainly makes for great listening! The band are a great ‘live’ experience (as seen at the Zanzibar Halloween 31st October 2014 when the band were in their infancy) turning a room full of strangers into a room full of friends as their music burrowed deep. The band have thought long and hard about what direction they want to move in both audibly and emotionally, so it’s a real memorable experience for their fans.

The beauty of the strings begins this multi-dimensional single with clean vocal until it erupts into a beast as the roar is felt. The lyrics are heartfelt and raw and there is plenty of melodic attachments to feast upon.

Holding plenty within its tenuous structure, involving rousing rhythms and seductive qualities that beg for attention, but for me the growl that ushers forth as the single unfolds is particularly pleasing and peaks interest.

The mouth-watering hooks and melodic influences are what makeFurian riveting and Circles is certainly a track that is ridiculously addictive and one you will want to play over and over again. A single that chooses to be welcoming one minute and inhospitable the next making it exciting, challenging the mind, body and soul to their limits, but with good reason.

The responses when listening to Furian will no doubt bring a number of components into play as its boldness and emotions run deep, so enjoy this one it’s a winner and will certainly leave you on a high!


Dan Martin-Hall - Lead Vocals and Guitar
Joe Strode – Guitar
Abhi Tee – Bass
Damien Campbell - Drums

Vermilion Whisky
Spirit of Tradition
6 Track E.P
10 South productions
Release Date: 10th February 201

Vermilion Whisky – Lafayette, LA


Genre: Rock/Hard Rock/Metal

“Hailing from South Louisiana, Vermilion Whiskey is a working man's band, steeped in whiskey fuelled Rock-N-Roll tradition. Their musical roots run deep like river veins stretched across their beloved home state & beyond. VW lives for the thrill of the stage, no matter the crowd size, you will find 101 proof Vermilion Whiskey. Where the good times roll, they can be found, sharing their own brand of hard-nosed rhythms with any and all who live to pass a good time! Long live the riff!”


Born in 2010 you can really feel the bands pulse with the first track‘Road King’ generating that southern feel. It draws up imagery of driving down one of America’s long freeways on a good solid Harley and letting the wind blow through your hair, so certainly good driving music!
Vermilion Whiskey - Road King

The gut-wrenching riffs are fuelled with menacing devilment and wholeheartedly pump a few gallons of blood around the system on listening for sure.

A lot of the band's influences simply shine through on this album like Sabbath for instance, with deep pulverising bass hooks and good solid vocals, not similar to Paul Rodgers but a lot deeper!

Gritty, and eager to seduce with their special brand of rock they will have you gurning in front of a mirror with a hairbrush in no time at all.

The band more than dangle a carrot in front of the Donkey and like the Donkey, you will obey their commands with each riff and blended rhythm that comes your way and a sure-fire way to get your hair dried faster than a conventional method!

No nonsense, no frills just seductive methods of engaging the general metal public with hearty rhythms so the head connects to it in no uncertain terms!

Flanked with repetitive and intrusive beats and rhythms it can only do one thing and that gives the listener a good compelling listen from start to finish.

The doom element Sabbath brought to the tablet is running rife inVermilion Whisky’s tracks. So profound and mesmerising and although it isn’t anything new to behold so to speak, it still manages to hit all the right spots and leave one feeling exhilarated for the experience.

Seeded with plenty of deep rhythms and overwhelming presence this is one forthright E.P with balls! It is music you can feel in the gut and turns the skin on resulting in goose-bumps and plenty of quivering spines!

The hearty growling vocal is just what the doctor ordered and I could have this in an IV no danger at full strength and administered daily! This medicine is good medicine and guaranteed to cure the blues!


Track List:
Road King
The Past is dead
Come Find Me
One Night
Loaded Up

Thaddeus Riordan - Vocals
Ross Brown - Guitar
Carl Stevens - Guitar
Jeremy Foret - Bass
Buck Andrus - Drums

Peace in our Time
8 Track Album
Stampede Press UK
Release Date: 7th April 2017

Genre: Part Extreme, Part Technical, Part Progressive, Part Metal

“Titled ‘Peace in our Time’, this new studio offering from Krysthlasees the British five-piece producing something extremely special. Part metal, part extreme, part technical, part progressive… Aurally this is a metal fan's nirvana. There’s an abundance of aggression on offer, and yet the power of the band is amplified even more with melodic tinges and lighter musical landscapes, which never detract from the powerhouse delivery Krysthla is renowned for!”


Wow! I think I am in shock as I recognised the Krysthla name but did not realise that is was around August 2015 just over a month before the release of ‘A War of Souls and Desires’ that I wrote a review for the band through RAMzine, and now another 8 track album is due to materialise on the 7th April 2017.

The Minor Mystery of Death is a solid opening track that brings some fantastic melodies to the forefront as well as some mighty riffs that fuel-charge the vocal dynamics. Krysthla were always a band to capture as well as create attention that is pretty obvious from their last album, however, they have indeed turned it up a few notches this time and added a little extra potent ingredients. ‘Yawm al-Qiyamah’takes off with a raucous intent on repeating itself a few times before exploding into a turbulent adventure and wreaking havoc with more than a few unruly riffs and extreme vocal intensity. ‘Depths’ is the track the band have taken from the album and released as a single. It is a very different track than the previous two tracks already listened to. This is most definitely a contrast with a slow pace and… yes, I got caught out with this one! It suddenly jumps back into its bed of comfort and drags you to into its depths. It force feeds you extreme metal without the aid of on IV – this is straight for the ears and down the throat approach! if watching the video, the slow pace makes a lot more sense! Be prepared for deep impact!

‘Make disciples of the Nations’ if they did then it would be another hurried affair as this track is again a force to be reckoned with.Krysthla doesn't believe in doing things at a ‘normal’ pace, but rather one that sweeps you into a black hole and leaves one agog and not quite knowing what just hit them. ‘Within the lie of all lies’throws out some thumping rhythms that nobody in their right mind, would say no to! Merging with infinitive motion, a driven command for imposing riffs and a drum beat that is futile to ignore – the magnet simply pulls everything together! ‘In Death, we shall not die’ the foreboding rhythms keep on pounding mercilessly while the riffs hammer out a structured path of sheer brutalism. ‘Age of War’opens with a solid texture of rampant rhythms and crazy blast beats. The vocals take on a chanting ramble but still sound menacing as they wrap themselves around the ears and smother with intent – I still don’t understand how Adi manages to scream in perfect tune? That is a complete mystery to me ‘Eternal Oceans’ No I am not getting carried away again by a slow start, although it does capture eerie very well. I was right not to fall for the slower pace gamble as this is as extreme as it gets vocally, while the music is intense and aggressively thunderous, creating a passage of metal rivets that are forced into their home on sound alone, no need for a hammer here!

Krysthla Have definitely paved their way with a ticking time bomb that their fans are impatiently waiting to go off, as it is not hard to lose yourself in the extreme creative presence that Krysthla has produced. The intensity is all powerful and gives off a raw unpredictable magnetism that is simply insatiable! Meaning you can never have too much Krysthla and what they bring to an already full table. They are still giving out their deathly non-compliant causticity, which is great for all extreme metal heads everywhere!


Krysthla – Wellingborough, Northants


26th March – LEICESTER, The Firebug
9th April – COVENTRY, MACCOV @The Arches
21st April – BOLTON, The Alma
22nd April – WARRINGTON, The Brewhouse
28th April – CARDIFF, Fuel
5th May – HIGH WYCOMBE, Phoenix
6th May – WORTHING. Bar 42
7th May – BOURNEMOUTH, The Anvil
12th May - INVERNESS, Mad Hatters
13th May – DUNDEE, Beat Generator
14th May - EDINBURGH, Bannermans
26th May – NORTHAMPTON, King Billy Rock Bar
27th May – LONDON, The Devonshire Arms
28th May – LEICESTER, Uprising Aftermath @ The Firebug
3rd June - KETTERING - The Prince
24th June – NORWICH, B2
1st July - MILTON KEYNES, Craufurd Arms

More dates to be announced.

Track List:
The Minor Mystery of Death
Yawm al-Qiyamah
Make disciples of the Nations
Within the lie of all lies
In Death, we shall not die
Age of War
Eternal Oceans

Adi Mayes - Vocals
Neil Hudson - Guitars
Carl Davis - Bass
Noel Davis - Guitars
Wayne Minney - Drums

Widows - Oh Deer God - 7 Track Album - Polymath - Release Date: 14th April 2017

Widows – Nottingham, UK


Reached 666 likes!
Recorded first E.P. 'Raise the Monolith'
WIDOWS played the first ever Desert Fest
WIDOWS 'Death Valley Duchess' officially released
WIDOWS filmed the video for 'Green Tsunami'
WIDOWS UK Tour, November 2011
WIDOWS recorded their first full-length album at Moot Group Studios, Nottingham
WIDOWS debut E.P. officially released through Bad News Records
WIDOWS independent E.P. release
First Show

Genre: Hard Rock/Stoner

“Formed in 2008 in the troubled UK town of Nottingham. WIDOWSplay music you can raise a beer and swing a fist to and they do it hard fast and loud, with bone crushing grooves and undeniable swagger!”


There is no mistaking the deep resonating sounds of stoner rock, none what so ever. Its bass-ridden swagger lures you into its tempting, sultry lair and feeds you good wholesome beats! At times it is so captivating all you can do is sway in appreciation to its magnificent melodies.

Nobody needs to be stoned to listen to Stoner Rock, as what stands before us is an all singing all stoner swaging album with plenty of edges and pumped up vibes, having that impending lift that ultimately compels and intrigues, which always makes Stoner good to listen to. I personally love Stoner for the flashbacks of Sabbath that you cannot escape from and neither can the bands whose genre is firmly planted and seeded to grow into more tempting albums for the general public to appreciate.

It can be slow or fast paced there isn’t a law against either but it is all heavy – no doubt about it. The vocals are deep and husky and propelled by a bass-laden rhythm and sonic riffs that creatively blend the concoction of catchy drum beats together into one mesmerising delicious tone.

I can’t find a negative track on this album, but feel that it is over too soon – they do say ‘time flies when you are having fun’ and this album has provided that in abundance, although I am wondering at the lack of anything happening since 2012 on the band page, hopefully the band will find a new lease of life once the new album is released and hit more milestones, as the hooks and melodies are all embracing and cause a smouldering defiance that certainly has plenty of spice contained within its core and no doubt should double the band’s fan base overnight once it is unleashed in April.


Track List:
Oh Deer God
Caffeine and Hatred
Heresy and Venom
Blue Tina
Ride to the realm of Coitus
Baron Greenback Blues
Germanium Buzz

Ad - Vocals
Kidda - Guitar
Ze Big - Drums
Phil - Bass
New Music Video
Astral Selection
Stampede Music Press UK
Release Date 31st October 2016

Nycosia – Hereford, Monmouth, and Guildford UK


Genre: Tech Metal/ Djent

“Directed by Dark North Media, the video transports Nycosia to frontman Adam Barkley’s nightmare, as he discovers the eerie house that he grew up in, contains the demonic entity that has haunted Barkley since he was a child.

‘Astral Selection’ features guest vocals by Tyler Shelton of U.S deathcore band Traitors and is the first release from Nycosia’s next ep ‘Mindshift’, expected to be released in April 2017. The new single and forthcoming EP sees the tech metal / djent four piece taking their music to the next level.

Since forming in June 2015, Nycosia have been making a name for themselves, with the release of their debut EP ‘Pariah’, earlier this year.  Described as “Heavy, Dark & Massive”, the teenagers from Hereford, UK, have impressed with their live shows, which has seen them sharing stages around the UK with the likes of Borders, Loathe, Carcer City, Humanities Last Breath, Exist Immortal, Shields, and Monuments!”


The eerie strange angular music breeds a certain cold ambiance. The hectic vocal chords screech wildly, urgently and incoherently, along with a raw low guttural tone that adds to the fear fest. The fact this is meant to be a nightmare is certainly a good musical adaptation and sounds as terrifying as it could be. It musters up unimaginable horrors that lurk within every chord, riff, and rhythm, and creates a simply disturbing profile of grotesque awareness.

It is also very fitting for this track to be released around Halloween adding that extra spice to the proceedings and for making more than a strong impression on the metal scene.

You can almost taste the fear from the jumpy camera angles and insane facial features as they contort with utter spine-chilling terror. It is like having a front row seat to watch the madness unfold.

The large thumping beats drive home the haunting potency that exudes from its dark corners, giving out the feeling of sheer terror that is captured within the mindset
 of the victim as he is ravished by the feelings of a dark entity that has haunted him since his childhood, now he is facing his fears once again.

The Djent helps tell the story along in its own annihilating way, while the technical prowess helps establish a structure from which the picture is built. It is a clever composition, whichever way you look or listen to it.

Riotous, ferocious and downright compelling it summons up malice and fear within its predatory rawness and unleashes a devilish demon whose only goal is to send one into a delirious panic!

The grooves are cold and cut deep, leaving a blood trail for the whole fuelled charged encounter. It bristles with delight for all the horror fans among us and let’s face it most metal heads love a bit of horror?

It's sinister and haunting is enthused with rage that reaches boiling point and total dread from the get go. Intimidating madness spirals out of control and what it leaves behind is total fright and distress. Perplexing bewilderment follows….


Catch Nycosia Live:
6th - CARDIFF - Legacy Fest 4 (w/ Shoot The Girl First, Create To Inspire, and more)
18th - CROYDON - Death Jam 1.5 (w/ Unfathomable Ruination, Human Error, and more)
27th - WORCESTER - The Marrs Bar (w/ Carcer City)

Adam Barkley - Vocals
Matt Ball - Bass
Billy Kibble - Guitar
Ben Adams - Drums

The Serpent’s Kiss
11 Track Album
Polymath PR
Release Date: 13th January 2017

A truly magical experience!

Serpentyne – London, UK


Genre: Symphonic Folk Metal with medieval music influences

Not myth just pure legend - Serpentyne

“Serpentyne were formed in 2010 by Maggie Beth Sands and Mark Powell. That year they released their first album, “Stella Splendens,” based on medieval music and mythic themes, featuring Maggie Beth’s vocals and Mark’s hurdy-gurdy. 2014 saw the release of “Myths and Muses.” Which added world and dance music elements to the band’s sound. The third album, “The Serpent’s Kiss,” is a change of direction for the band, still in keeping with their mythic themes of earlier albums, but presenting the music in a symphonic rock context!”


As if playing the hurdy-gurdy and singing about myths and legends isn’t enough Serpentyne have now taken on a slightly new direction using a symphonic rock to guide them on their way. Having reviewed their second album “Myths and Muses,” last May, and experiencing something wonderful and so expressive I had to give the album a score of ten because it was so fresh and unique, and the use of such unusual instruments being played so beautifully certainly, had me gripped throughout the album. Now with baited breath, I am getting the chance to hear the band’s third album, the wonderfully inspiredSerpent’s Kiss and wondering if it can beat their second!

Starting off with Spirits of the Desert I can safely say the goose-bumps are working overtime as the music, so symphonically bounces with creative juices along with Maggie Beth’s haunting lyrical voice. It is most definitely a dream theatre as the whole sound envelops the senses and brings a new aspect to the word medieval.

Words & music Sand & Powell c&p 2016, all rights reserved.
Filmed at Resident Studios, London, UK

“One could be forgiven for thinking that these musicians are actually reincarnated from medieval times as everything is done to sheer perfection that only a King or Queen would demand!”

The second track The Dark Queen is very majestic and haunting with its organic and rural feel as the track opens. It hits like icy shards of rain. This was the track I clicked on a few days ago and was completed flummoxed by its magical spell. Once heard this track won’t be forgotten and neither will the video that accompanies it. Maggie Beth’s angelic voice will haunt your dreams forever!

Words & music Sand & Powell c&p 2016, all rights reserved.

Helen of Troy clearly possesses a darker edge with the superb use of instruments that gives it a bristling, catchy anthemic roar that simply attacks the senses and ignites already soaring flames. It is fresh and beguiling with heaps of passion for backing it up.

Words & music Sand & Powell c & p 2016
Filmed at Resident Studios, London, UK

Even darker and certainly more predatory is the formidable trackJeanne d’Arc it casts a dark magic with resounding ambience and once more another track bounces with rippling hooks and grooves that want to dance. It's perpetually exciting and eager to please the ears and deliciously flirtatious and magnificent!

Lammas Night sounds like it is giving the hurdy-gurdy a run for its money although half of the unusual musical instruments I can’t even pronounce let alone know what they sound like, however, it is clear that Serpentyne know what they are doing and do it with utter confidence. A very captivating and I would go as far to say an exceptional track indeed.

The Serpent’s Kiss the band's title track sounds slightly eastern in flavour which adds yet another string to their bow. Each track is a welcome surprise because you never know what you are going to hear next. Slower paced, it still manages to utilise your goose bumps to the max!

Bass hooks galore with a feverish bounce and awesome medieval flavour Saltarello magically adds potency to the mix and is a supersonic instrumental that rages with passion, embarking on a full-on compelling seduction! Hard not to tap your feet or fingers to this, it is pure magic!

Viking Blood opens with the sound of pouring rain and a lavish rhythm that carries the ears to distant times. Nigel takes to the vocals written by Mark Jenkins for this track, telling a thrilling story of Viking shenanigans to some powerful electric frets by Matt Damian with great use of extra sounds which is more than fitting for this mighty saga.

Words & music Mark Jenkins c & p 2016
Filmed at Resident Studios, London, UK

Brigantia invades the audial with a predatory vault, kicking back with bristling melodies that involve the listener as they get sucked more and more into the fantastic union of simmering emotion and splendour of such an infectious undercurrent of rhythms.

Morrighan’s Jig what can I say but it just makes you want to get up and dance the day/night away! Highly infectious and addictive it flurries with an abundance of melodies and emotional fever, very absorbing and seductive!

Game of Thrones not that I know much if anything about Game of Thrones, and nor do I want to, but this passage is all engaging and simmers with musical conformity. Its lilting flames are rich in good vibes and co-operate well with the aural cavities so much so that when it ends you want the experience it brings all over again.

Serpentyne are the band that keep on giving and reward with the seduction of unusual instruments played to perfection and also sung with high esteem.

Each track brings new and exciting stories to the imagination and simply involves the listener in so many ways other than creative thinking but implores the body to react to the delicious sounds that befall the listening devices.

One could be forgiven for thinking that these musicians are actually reincarnated from medieval times as everything is done to sheer perfection that only a King or Queen would demand.

I never thought the band could go one better than ‘Myths and Muses’ but they have exceeded that goal just by adding a symphonic sound which makes all the difference.

I am truly hooked on Serpentyne’s magic. I hate it when a track ends and love it when a new one starts. Each one is a gem of emotional turbulence and passionate spirit, with a sprinkling of melancholy, however, short-lived, and obviously more rousing but it is still one hell of an album – hold on to your feet because this album will run away with them, for sure!

"Compelling and beautiful!"


Track List:
Spirits of the Desert
The Dark Queen
Helen of Troy
Jeanne d’Arc
Lammas Night
The Serpent’s Kiss
Viking Blood
Morrighan’s Jig
Game of Thrones

Maggiebeth Sand - Nyckelharpa, Vocals
Mark Powell - Hurdy-Gurdy
Matthew Damian - Electric Guitar
Mark Jenkins - Keyboards
Nigel Middleton - Bass & Lead Vocals
John Haithwaite - Drums & Vocals

Lake of the Dead
3 Track E.P
Imperative PR
Release Date: 1st July 2016

Formicarius – London, UK


Genre: Black Metal

“It’s worth remembering, yet all too easy to forget, that Black Metal was spawned in Britain, in the industrial north of England, not in a forest by an icy fjord. But as the ‘80s faded away and the ‘90s began the Scandinavian hordes laid claim to this darkest of musical forms, asserting their dominance with unassailable might. Now, there comes to the fray a band whose breathtakingly bold intent is to recapture the throne. Formicarius entwine blasting fury in coils of wicked melody, swathe monstrous power and velocity in cold shrouds of melancholic atmosphere, harness raw savagery with striking skill and musical dexterity. They have already given a fair warning with the release of the digital single ‘Lake Of The Dead’ and when their magnificent debut album, Black Mass Ritual, arrives later this year they will truly have planted their standard on the field of battle and howled out a challenge to all who dare to face them!”


The Grim Reaper, I feel is out for a few more souls this Christmas and being possessed by such a demonic force are none other thanFormicarius. Their words are harsh and abrasive on ‘Lake of the Dead’ while their music simply enslaves you beyond what any chains could. The potency is snarling, festering madness that draws you into their dark but engaging passages – the ones where every corner has a profound surprise just waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting and revolves around a ferocious expanse of thrilling rhythms.

‘Under Darkness’ has a lot more melody attached to its bristling and captivating craft. Offering more than just symphonic grandeur it simply runs away with its own satisfying pleasures. The primal rhythmic sound spreads its venom with ease and infects without the listener knowing much about it as they are drawn in deeper to this unholy infectious encounter.

Cosmic Keys to my Creation and Times’ is rather a long and unusual title for a black metal band who usually sing about Satan and the like and NOT about cosmic keys, however, its fast paced momentum sweeps with utter abandon and devours like a hungry animal. There is no coaxing here but a sheer onslaught of raw power and energy that takes on its own persona – so well worth taking a listen, if you dare!

There’s no doubt this E.P can be labelled grim, odious and unyielding, but it is black metal after all, so naturally what you hear is what you get, but it is creative, imaginative and certainly dark.

The keyboards are a vital part in black metal thus creating its own black magic and Formicarius are no exception to the rule.

The band have a debut album waiting in the wings entitled ‘Black Mass Ritual’ but no release date has been mentioned as yet, so you will just have to wait. But after listening to just these three tracks obviously the album will prove a complete success for the band.


Track List:
Lake of the Dead
Under Darkness
Cosmic Keys to my creations and times

Lord Saunders – Vocals/Guitar
Nazarkardeh – Lead Guitar
Hægtesse – Bass/Vocals
Morath – Keyboards
Ælle - Drums

Fight Like Sin
5 Track E.P
Release Date: September 2016

Fight Like Sin = Lafayette, Indiana, USA


Genre: Alternative Rock

Fight Like Sin is an aggressive hard rock band from Lafayette, Indiana. The group was formed in early 2012 by lead vocalist and guitarist Cody Hughes and drummer Tim Stepp. Drew Luigs would join the band as Bassist/backing vocals in 2015, and guitarist Rob Barr joining in early 2016.

Fight Like Sin brings you a new, crisp, heavy rock sound that blends an unconventional lower tuning with an occasional harmonised melody. A similar sounding artist would include: Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, and Evans Blue.

The band has released a pair of EP's entitled Surrender Nothing(2013) and Singularity (2016). Tracks from Surrender Nothing and Singularity have been featured on various radio stations in the mid-west and on streaming media sites all around the world. Since their inception, Fight like Sin has shared the stage with talented artists like Eye Empire, Taproot, Dive, Like A Storm, HED (PE), and more.


Ever just clicked on something on You Tube and thought Whoa! This band are just brilliant? Well, it has happened to me on several occasions, mainly because I absolutely love exploring new talent, new tracks and well anything that offers something with meat on its bones, and Fight like Sin are one such band that you can absolutely have a feast on.

Fire Away – Simply slithers from the speakers with thrilling and compelling grooves that start a battle with the audial and we all know who is going to win this, as this is the track that I uncovered on You Tube. It has been played to death since and no doubt will be played a few more times to come! The riffs are just so engaging and the beats are fiery with plenty of bass to give it depth. Such a great track to behold! And once listening you will find it hard to switch off! So be warned!

In the Dark – Begins slow and deliberate and stalks with rabid ambience and then suddenly explodes into a ravishing, torrential downpour of rhythms that reward the listener with sultry organic flavours with superb vocals and harmonies, that are pitch perfect and very professionally executed.

Nightmare – holds twisted and jagged rhythms that explore an infectious groove and is simply irresistible. The lyrics are compelling and that drum beat is ridiculously masterful along with the curdling riffs that delight with sheer excitement, just bolstering the senses.

Ever Hopeless – is a fantastic track that just keeps on giving, with rip-roaring addictiveness and stomping rhythms that never give up their vice-like grip on your ears. The forthright chugs are powerful and energetic, but not so much that you lose the warmth they produce either. Altogether a very satisfying track that is very moreish.

No Ghost – Hits the ground running and fires on all six as it goes. It’s sharp and antagonistic, giving the ears a good bruising as the track simply shapes into a rousing melodious badgering! It’s another sheer genius track that is all out embracing, offering nothing but a deep and profound groove that is again highly addictive and definitely could be classed as obsessive to the listening ear.

Fight like Sin have that compelling streak, the one no-one can escape from, but if you are anything like me, you wouldn’t want to escape, it just drives you further into their uncompromising invasion that you want so desperately to be a part of.

I know the music scene is swamped with bands, mainly offering top notch tracks, and most of them are all waiting to be discovered on You Tube, all it takes is one click and it opens a door of opportunity to listen and engage, simple as that!

So why not add to your ever bulging music collection and stop bring so anal – take a trip to You Tube and go and discover some amazing bands – don’t wait for them to appear in your newsfeed as you could end up waiting forever and then you will miss out on some heartfelt tracks that can so enrich your life.

So what are you waiting for, Christmas?


Track List:
Fire Away
In The Dark
Ever Hopeless
No Ghost

Cody Hughes - Vocals/Guitar
Drew Luigs - Bass/Vocals
Rob Barr - Guitar
Tim Stepp - Drums


Holding the Line
Revival Music Group
Revival Metal Records
Release Date: 22nd November 2016

Photo courtesy of Joseph Leader

Kaine – East Anglia


Buy here:

The track was recorded at Threecircles Recording Studio on the 20th of November and mastered by Z-Plane on November 22nd, 2016. Both Threecircles and Z-Plane gave their time and studio for free to help support the Asylum.

Ade Hare: Producer - Z-Plane: Mastering

Genre: Heavy Metal

"The ambition is to raise £12,000 to keep the Asylum music venueopen in Chelmsford. Please support live, underground music by buying the track and sharing with your friends on Facebook, twitter etc.

The band is optimistic that at such a low price, and with enough social reach the single could help raise a significant amount of money should people get behind it!"


With so many venues closing down due to a lot of things, money and apathy being two of them, it is refreshing to know that some people are doing something to try and stop this happening and four such people are Kaine. A heavy metal (NWOBHM) speed/thrash outfit, who started their journey in 2009 and through all the adversity and struggles have remained defiant, and it's well documented that they are one of the most hardworking bands within the metal scene today.

It is no surprise that Kaine wants to do their bit to keep music live, as they, like so many other bands know of the struggles, the loss of money and members along the way and the trouble it causes, but still remain strong and forthright in their convictions.

The track ‘Holding the Line’ can be bought for just £1.00 (less than the price of a cup of coffee) and all money raised will go to keepingThe Asylum in Chelmsford open, and keeping metal alive for future generations to come.

It’s a typical Kaine track with lots of fierce chugs and vibrant momentum. It explores a real defiant nature which infuses a fantastic anthemic melody and addictive chorus. It installs the fighting nature of wanting something so badly and goes all out to achieve it! But they can’t do it on their own. All the hard work has been done byKaine – now it is up to you!

I, like a lot of others, don’t live in the Chelmsford area but this will not stop me donating to a good cause and helping Kaine to achieve the goal they have worked so hard to accomplish.

Having followed Kaine from the start of their turbulent musical career, I can clearly see the progression the band have made and heard the changes along their musical path. They are certainly more vocal, more melodic and certainly more imaginative.

This track epitomises the band's steely nature, matched with their rebellious streak for defining what they are all about - Their humongous appetite for producing metal and being able to play it for years to come for eager metal heads that enjoy frequenting local venues.

£1.00 isn’t much to ask, so please do your bit by donating and sharing the track where possible and help keep a venue open as well as supporting underground metal along with Kaine in their constant battle to remain present day rebel rousers!

Good Luck Kaine!


Rage Sadler: Rhythm, Lead Guitars and Vocals [Solo]
Chris MacKinnon: Drums, Keys and Backing Vocals
Saxon Davids: Lead, Rhythm Guitars and Backing Vocals
Stephen Ellis: Bass and Backing Vocals

Fight Like Sin
5 Track E.P
Release Date: September 2016


Genre: Alternative Rock

The Extinct Dreams – Барнаул, Алтайский край - Siberia


Listen Here:

Genre: Atmospheric Doom Metal

“The band was formed in early 2006 in Barnaul (Russia, Siberia) and originally was called Ars Moriendi. However, after some time the band decided to change their name after they learned about the existence of the eponymous group.  In the process of recording the EP ‘The Extinct Dreams’ half of the participants left, however, in 2015 the team came back to life with a new line-up and new material!”


From the dark recesses of Siberia come a trio called “The Extinct Dreams” Their album cover alone speaks volumes in the fact it looks extremely spiritual and thus creating an intrigue that goes a lot deeper once the music has been experienced.

Karma is indeed blessed with beauty, its sparse and unassuming notes are backed with a high intensity of rhythms that embellish the ears with a seducing lilt. In its heart is pure expression that just reaches out and explores a tempting passion, and although slow paced has meaning. Surprisingly enough the vocal accompaniment is low toned and raspy and comes in quite late on the recording, but that must be because the track is actually a whopping eighteen minutes and eight seconds long, thus allowing the listener plenty of time to get accustomed to its genre.

Damodara Stotra is a pleasing melodic passage that winds its way along a shadowy soundscape. The gruff vocals present themselves early on and are accompanied by an ambling and lingering rhythm. With compelling guitar and forthright drumming it makes for a good solid track with bewitching bass hooks. There is also a dream-like moment further on in the song that bristles with beauty and sheer professionalism.

In Search of Self beings with it a haunting keyboard that sends shock waves down your spine! It unfolds with a magical and mischievous rhythm that is captivating and quite rustic. Its fluid movement carries it, creating colourful hues of excitement as then the large slabs of metal suddenly burst through its cool façade, revealing that raspy gruff toned vocal. The climate and emotion of the track is matched with a dark atmospheric energy that radiates a purposeful intensity.

Fragments of Eternity At just seven minutes and five seconds this is the shortest track on the E.P and the bands title track. Its glorious harmonies and sweet rhythms display a quaint sound that with the haunting female as well as male vocal and sung in Russian are simply exquisite and seducing.

This is not your everyday listening! It is something to savour for those times when you want to relax and wash away the troubles of the day. Although, saying that, it does hold a particularly deep metal rhythm in places, but the main bulk of the E.P takes you on a special journey and allows you to become one with the music.

Its reflective charms outline what the band have created through beauty in music and singing in their mother tongue only adds further warmth to something that can be utterly beautiful and yet have a colder side, so multifaceted.


Track List:
Damodara Stotra
In Search of Self
Fragments of Eternity

Ramapriya Das – Vocals, Guitars
Selena Silent - Bass
Dmitry Slastenin - Drums

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