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                                Featuring  Demented Angel Of The

 Month  Sarah Danger

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                                                          Sarah Danger

I am the Goddess humbly known as Sarah. I was born into this body a mere 21 years ago, but I can assure you this is not my first ride on planet Earth, hopefully my last. I’m ready for the next galaxy, baby.

On the outside, I appear as some strange breed of black metal hippie goth, and I smell like one too. Inside, I taste like candy thanks to a strict vegan diet. The only animal by-products I’d consume are of the human kind – save a cow, milk a lady! Being a Pisces, I’m too kind for my own good (it’s a curse, really). That being said, if you’re a mosquito I invite you to drink from me unharmed for I am your sacrifice.

I’m currently working as a video game tester in Montreal, Canada because we trained sound engineers have no hope in the industry. I’m also an artist, in my painting, in my words, and in my lifestyle generally. Making money off of my beauty seems like a cop out for an intelligent mind but I must admit I love to model.

Being a former fat chick, my personality falls somewhere between high school geek and middle-aged comedian. I get along with everybody so don’t be a stranger, be a danger! You can find me on facebook as Sarah Danger Chiovitti ( though I’ve run out of space on my friends list. I can also be found on tumblr and Instagram as serialkillerfetish (,

                                LADY ARSENIC                                         

My name is Lady Arsenic, and there's so much to tell I'm not even sure where to begin. It's a pleasure to meet you. I play music with a few of my favorite gents named Plague, Ripper, Butcher, and last but not least The Professor. We call ourselves Arsenic Addiction. Music is my life's blood, and something I can never be without.

Tea is my religion, and I spend my days writing songs of all sorts, having tea (of course) with Ripper, watching Butcher master his craft, reading in the library with Plague (he doesn't say much you know), and having a drink (or two) with the Professor in his study while he rants about his new discoveries, theories, and inventions. I'm terribly in love with all of them you know.

When I am apart from my dashing entourage I enjoy meeting new people, I adore social gatherings (Especially ones involving tea, cookies, and champagne) and try to attend one as often as I am extended an invitation. I am absolutely delighted when the occasion calls for dressing up in all things corset, lace, black, satin, tulle, and hats, (Make-up, clothing, and hair is a passion of mine) as well as all things death.

Death is our business, our inspiration, and the only inevitable. I embrace this, dance with time and death as they are surely the only eternal lovers any of us will ever know. Death is as terrifying as it is beautiful, because of this it is my muse for my poetry, art, and music. What we fail to remember is that we have lived before we meet our final resting place, and so like polar twins life and death will forever be in constant duality. I am in love with them both, and with this cosmic affair I will live, I will die, but you will remember me. For a memory is true immortality.

If we haven't already met in person (which I prefer), please join me and my handsome friends at one of our Tea Parties or Funeral Masses (which ever you prefer) and come introduce yourselves! All Tea Party and Funeral Mass dates will be posted on my profile under "Events" or Arsenic Addiction's page (Facebook:Arsenic Addiction), MySpace (, or

Join us won't you?


Name, Lucifera ( Erzsebet Bathory ) Also known in the fetish world as Lucifera Infernal Goddess. 

Has been modeling for a decade now, gracing most metal magazines through her work with numerous bands ranging from Danzig, Dimmu Borgir, Thus Defiled, Immolith, Butcher, Gorerotted and many more. Lucifera is one of the original Satanic Sluts and head girl at the LivingDeadGirls RIP. Lucifera is known for her striking and controversial imagery with her blood crucifixion shots, which are frquently banned on most websites. to view more of her work you can follow her on these links

Luciferas fave bands W.A.S.P. Bathory, Warlock, Dismember, Autopsy, Orchid, Witchcraft, Doro, Satanic Warmaster, Taake, Moonspell, Alice in Chains, Alcest....

                                                                 GINA KAOS

My name is Gina Marie Kennedy, also known as GinaKaos. I am 32 years old and I like my 30's.I am originally from Richmond VA, but when I was in my teens, I fell in LOVE With Louisiana and decided this was where my heart is. I am actually a pretty crazy individual, I work two jobs plus model on the side; I do tribal fusion belly dance, I Work out, I tend to a zoo of animals at my house, and I garden. I am a serious metalhead, and mom raised me on Allice Cooper, it was destined LOL I do draw and paint from time to time when inspiration strikes, and I love to cook. This is starting to sound like a personal's ad, so I will end by simply saying: "FUCKING SLLAAAYER!!!!" \M/

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